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Nick Greaves

Location: Watlington, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

About Me

In a two year break from office life I first drafted my hypothesis for the mechansim behind memory and hence also some paranormal phenomena in 1978, and which is effectively an observation theory. I received some encouragement from Arthur Koestler and John Beloff amongst others, and then had to return to  the city to earn a living. In 1981 Rupert Sheldrake published his first book on causative formation, the conclusions of which were remarkably similar to mine other than the latter was based on principles of physics and I gave an explanation in princple for the operation of his morphic resonance which I also show to be the direct corollary of EM radiation.  

My work is viewable on which first went on line in 2007. I completed another paper in 2010:  "Mach's Principle, gravitation and Matter Distribution" which might appear to have little connection with the operation of memory, but which was resulted from an assumption that was  implied from my earlier work, that light speed was variable. There is now a fair amount of research being carried out by the astrophysicists and astronomers to this end, and if this should demonstrate that light is no longer the great constant it is considered to be, then my work, which I refer to as Dupliction Theory, might achieve a little more reluctant credibility than it musters currently.    


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