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Manx Neill

Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

About Me

Graduated with MA joint Honours in Philosophy & English Literature in 2007 from The University of Edinburgh and have completed Post-graduate Studies in Environment, Culture & Society in School of Geosciences at Edinburgh University this year-2012. Have always been fascinated in how people percieve and respond to phenomenon around them. During my post graduate studies I looked at different intervention programmes that are used to try and implement long term behavioural change in people. Many of these programmes analysed the motivations and beliefs held by people that prompt them to act and behave in certain ways and to hold onto beliefs even when they acknowledge that to do so is irrational. 

I'm interested in looking at whether trauma (particularly childhood trauma) in a person's life has an effect on their percieved belief that they have experienced psychic phenomenon or that they have the ability to psychically connect with the dead.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

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