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Jess Wright

Location: Sydney, Australia

About Me

web cmsJess is a full time writer of a technology magazine. She leads her team in researching for the newest updates in technology including gadgets, softwares, tools and systems. Usually, her team would be the one to research and she will compile them into one comprehensive article. But when they tackled content management she was the one who researched it. She is just curious about how this system takes care of the information being sent through the internet and through an organization’s intranet. Web CMS might be one of the leading topics in content management.

Web cms is used in creating, storing, managing, and deploying any content on websites or on web pages. It is also a helpful system to the users without much knowledge about programming to manage website contents. It will help them collaborate, author a website and administering tools. For more information about content management system, visit

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