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Spread the Great Commission to the Jewish People Worldwide
Most people around the globe have believe and faith in God. TheGreat commission is the instruction to the disciples to spread the teachings of Jesus. ISRAELMediaMinistries aims to spread the Great commission towards the Jewish people worldwide.

Evangelism News Update

Israel Media Ministries aims to maximize evangelism in Israel and worldwide. It also offers latest news with regards to evangelism. Here's an excerpt from a news:

Poll: Religion in Israel as an Israeli, Not Jewish Issue

Nearly all Israelis believe that the issue of religion in Israel ought to be treated being an Israeli problem, which world Jewish opinion should not modify the government’s choices, according to a different survey. The poll carried out by Teleseker for that Israel Democracy Institute, discovered that 54 percent stated the opinions of Jews living outdoors Israel should not be considered, or ought to be only have a small influence, when it involves identifying Israeli policy regarding Judaism and also the State. The poll discovered that 76 percent of Israelis believe support for Israel among United States Jews will remain steady, or perhaps increase. The Israel Democracy Institute formerly released market research on attitudes toward the Conservative and Reform movements. Both Jewish actions are popular within the United States but they are relatively small in Israel. The government does not recognize wedding ceremonies or conversions carried out under Reform or Conservative auspices. The poll discovered that 3.9 percent of Israelis identify most carefully using the Reform movement, and 3.2 percent identify most carefully with Conservative. Over 26 percent stated they identify most carefully with Orthodox Judaism, and 9.7 percent did not answer the issue. Fifty-six percent stated they did not recognize the groups listed. Laptop computer discovered that of individuals who referred to themselves as affiliating most carefully with Reform, 41 percent referred to themselves as irreligious, while another 41 percent stated they observe some Jewish tradition but they are not fully religious. Among individuals who referred to themselves as affiliating most carefully using the Conservative movement, 67 percent stated they observe some Jewish traditions, and 15 percent referred to themselves as irreligious. Laptop computer discovered that feelings of identification using the Reform and Conservative actions were greatest among Israelis in the United States and western Europe, using one of Jews from northern Africa and Asia. Support for that two actions was disproportionately low among Israelis of eastern European origin and Israelis born to oldsters born in Israel. While Jews or Asian or northern African origin were a little more likely than other Israelis to recognize using the Conservative or Reform actions, people of the identical ethnic group were least prone to support government recognition of either movement.

Scholarship money from business tax credit can't be applied in religious schools

The court has declared New Hampshire's new scholarship program unconstitutional but permitted it to carry on as long as no money would go to religious schools. Underneath the program produced last summer, companies get tax credits for giving to some private organization that honours scholarship grants to students attending either public use or private schools. The program's supporters argue it provides educational option to low-earnings parents, while competitors have cast it like a back-door voucher system that diverts citizen money to non secular schools. The program was passed by Republican congress who overrode a veto at that time-Gov. John Lynch, a Democrat. It made it a repeal attempt earlier this year, but was considerably changed by Monday's court ruling. In the ruling, Strafford County Superior Court Judge John Lewis on the sides using the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union and Americans United for Separation of Church and State, which challenged the program on account of the group of citizens.

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