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Monika Smith

Location: Sydney, Australia

About Me to her by her friends, Monika Smith has been a recipient of liposuction Sydney  a few years ago. Now she is enjoying a fat free life and is still maintaining it. She works as an HR Head in a music company where she gets to meet so many people every day. She spends her free time swimming and doing outdoor sports. She likes to travel every year and visit certain places. She listed Boston, Paris and Singapore as her favorites but had Africa as the top adventure experience in her lifetime. She rides zip lines during her vacations which she wasn’t keen on doing before she lost excess fat (due to weight requirements). Now she has Mexico in mind for 2014 and is already planning for it. As for now, she works hard and keeps everything in her life as it is. She believes that to be happy is to be great.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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