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Location: Dominican Republic

About Me

John is an online writer and a blogger. He make use of his talent to gain extra revenues and share his thoughts, ideas and tips on a certain topic . He believes that writing would be the best way to practice his creative mind so he put his heart on it. Even John has a busy schedule, he make sure that he could write daily, he considers it as part of his daily routine. He would tend to write about the latest happening in the society and shares his own point of view without being biased. He also loves to travel in various places to unwind, he is a nature-lover. He has also the enthusiasm in photography, he loves to take pictures especially those beautiful sceneries in mountains or any subject that caught his attention.Read more of John's Wise Traveler's Guide.

Being a traveller made John an optimistic one. Even he would encounter bad experiences with his trips, it never stopped him to continue his journey on different places. He would tend to write about Tips for Lighter and Secured Luggages to have worthwhile trips. Making blogs gives him a wider arena in expressing himself and enables him to mingle with millions of bloggers all over the world. for more info.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

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