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Location: Fairfax, VA, United States of America

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The constitution gives rights to every individual to protect and defend themselves whenever faced with a criminal charge. The responsibility in protecting these rights falls heavily to the shoulder of the representing lawyer. Considering this, the skills and performance of the representing lawyer greatly affects the outcome of the situation .A committed and hard working lawyer who strives hard to win your case will be a great advantage in your side of the court.

A native of the state, Jeff has the intimate knowledge and a personal commitment to his job. He puts another level of effort for his job and has a personal way of dealing with his client’s defense that gives him the undeniable reputation in his career. His strong commitment and dedication to his work, along with his aggressiveness in pursuing the best outcome for every case handles made him well known amongst his colleagues and court judges. Whether you need aVirginia domestic violence lawyer or a Virginia homicide lawyer, he can definitely help you.

Among Mr. Mangeno’s impressive record is his Juris Doctorate from Widener University together with an undergraduate degree in Virginia Tech. An active member of Virginia Virginia and Fairfax County Bar Association and Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, he had been an indispensable character in the field. More supporting information about him and his services visitPrice Benowitz Criminal Defense.

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