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Christine Simmonds-Moore - Exploring the correlates and nature of subjective apparitional experiences

Published by View Parapsychological Association's profile Parapsychological Association on Monday, September 10, 2018

Christine Simmonds-Moore1 & Chase O’Gwin2
1University of West Georgia, Carrollton, USA
2Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MI, USA


Several studies have explored the correlates of exceptional experiences (ExE). However, more research is needed on the correlates and nature of different types of experiences. In addition, recent trends in psychology and parapsychology include the application of qualitative methods to various types of ExE This project explores the psychology of subjective apparitional experiences in an online survey investigation (using Qualtrics). A series of questions asking about subjective apparitional experiences (employing neutral language) was developed from existing measures. These questions were presented with response options that allow for different forms of appraisal such that the tendency to experience can be explored separately from the tendency to consider the experiences as paranormal (following Irwin, Drinkwater and Dagnall, 2013). Additional questions asked about ways of experiencing and the nature of the experiences. A battery of individual difference measures was also included. These consisted of including a measure of creativity; synesthetic experiences; locus of control, the revised Transliminality scale; Hartmann’s BQ a measure of hyperaesthesia and two measures of body awareness (interoception and a measure of somatic focus). It is planned that data will be analyzed using quantitative and qualitative methods. A difference test will explore whether synesthetes differ from non-synesthetes on subjective apparitional experiences; correlates of subjective apparitional experiences will be explored, and open-ended questions will be analyzed qualitatively (using grounded theory). The survey will also identify participants who will be invited to participate in a psychomanteum study at a future date.


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