The winner of the 2016 PA Outstanding Contribution Award is Alejandro Parra. This yearly award is given to a PA Professional or Associate Member who has made an outstanding research or service contribution that has advanced the discipline of parapsychology.

Psychologist Alejandro Parra is a teacher and associate researcher at the Universidad Abierta Interamericana. He received his PhD in psychology from the Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales. He serves as a psychotherapist in the Clinical Area of the Institute of Paranormal Psychology. He conducts therapy groups and uses an historical approach in his continued research into parapsychology, dreamwork, and mediumship. In a counseling setting he also conducts workshops with psychics and mediums on their paranormal/spiritual experiences. His clinical research is based on cognitive-experiential and humanistic/Rogerian-oriented approaches with groups of people who have had paranormal experiences and dreams.

Parra is a professional member and International Liaison of the Parapsychological Association for Argentina, an International Affiliate and International Liaison of the Parapsychology Foundation, and an associate member of the Society for Scientific Exploration for Argentina. He is also a member and adherent of a dozen other institutes of parapsychology in Europe and Latin American countries. He has attended conventions, symposia and conferences on psychology, psychotherapy and parapsychology in dozens of cities. As a lecturer, he has presented hundreds of talks on psychology, parapsychology and clinical psychology in Argentina. Parra has authored ten books and also edited three Proceedings of the Encuentros Psi [Psi Encounters]. In addition, Parra has published a number of articles in peer-reviewed journals, in English andnon-English journals of psychology and parapsychology.

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