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Ron Tester, PT, COS-C, is a physical therapist and the owner of Advanced RehabTrust Home Health, where he is the administrator and a practicing physical therapist. Ron became a physical therapist after seeing the tremendous life-changing difference that a physical therapist made in the life of one of his family members, and he was inspired to pursue physical therapy so he provides that same kind of life-changing care to others. As a physical therapist, he has worked in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and skilled nursing facilities, but he has especially loved the practical, one-on-one care that he can provides in the home setting. He also found that he gets to know his clients better and has a longer lasting impact on them and their health and well-being. Click Here to know more about Advanced RehabTrust Home Health services.

Unfortunately, with some of the changes in Medicare over the years, some of at home healthcare agencies that Ron worked for became more motivated by profits than patient care. Ultimately, he was inspired to start Advanced RehabTrust Home Health when one of the agencies that he was working for, a so-called “community-owned, not-for-profit agency,” decided that they would rather make more money by providing less care for one of their especially challenging patients than do what Ron argued was the right thing for the patient. It turns out that “not-for-profit” means that the bosses just wrote themselves big bonus checks at the end of the year and hence the agency had “no profit.” As a result, in 2001 Ron started his agency with a commitment to provide the kind of care that he would want his own mother to receive, and to always put people before profits.

Over the years, Advanced RehabTrust has established itself as one of the best home health agencies for patient care in North Texas. One of the main reasons is that through the years we have established ourselves as one of the best places for nurses and therapists to work and happy, highly-skilled clinicians provide better care. In an industry where clinician turnover is an ever-present problem, our clinicians stay with us and recruit their friends to join us because we understand that our work is not just a job but a calling. We continually reinforce the central and guiding principle of our agency which is that people come first. We have high standards of care and we don't compromise that care in order to achieve a bigger bottom line.

When people need help in their homes, they often don't realize what services they need and what they should be getting, and it's difficult for them to know if they are getting what they truly deserve. Therefore, it's up to the home health agency to honor the trust that they have been given by their patients and choose to do the right thing, even if the patients don’t know what the right thing is. At Advanced RehabTrust, it is the essence of who we are, who we hire, how we care and what we're passionate about. And we refuse to do any less for our patients.

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