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Location: Pasadena, C.A., United States of America

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Up date ,wow that was a intence couple of years.Probally painfull to watch ,so I Have a A theory on everthing Answers to alot of questions my own theorys I have written 5 books now Im like a writing faucet I have discovered that writing does something supernatural to me and the world around me Its like a great adventure no one will belive so i may as well go the fiction route and act like its not real :)

so new update this 9/20/2013 I rember way back almost 3 years ago right around the time i started using binurals and meditation and a few other enhancments i wont go into all of it ,but that was right around the time i had a burst of creativity i have been though some wild events ,paranormal events ,but i put ghost hunting aside about 6 months ago and started studing music I have written 100 songs ,  about 10 of them are pretty good thats not bad for a noobie  hopefully ill be selling songs on itunes soon im almost ready to go pro i tought myself the poiano in 3 months i play on my computer on the electronic keyboard IM making some good songs now ill leave a link to my reverb acount im ranked #9 on reverbnation wich is incredible considering I just started geting into music and i got 150 fans with 2 songs and that was my old music i just went into a intence learning mode and tought myself so much about music Its incredible my biggest problem was i was trying to do to much at once art ,music, poetry, paranormal investigator, 3d animator, photographer, builder desingner, radio talk show host , and some more I decided to just focus on one thing at a time for the past 3 months im working on making my own binurals I think i know how maybe im trying to make it more complicated than it really is i hear how to do it but it just dosent sink in  i was wondering if you have a instruction book on how to do it >>? ok here is a link for my reverb   my new music is much better but im selling that here are the free samples over 50 songs I dont know if i can put the link here , for a total amature to be ranked #5 (iwas ranked #5) and have any fans at all is a miracle i gota thank the brain entrainment i think IDK maybee god  or THe pa institute or monroe but  Ill just say thanks for making me into a mini  Davinch :)  .YOU GUYS RULE HIGH FIVE TO YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

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