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The Koch brothers have become the nation's leading cheerleaders for free markets where consumers, employees, entrepreneurs and investors are free to pursue their own selfish interests without interference from government or unions or anyone else for that matter.
Read full article >>     In the Capitals’ overtime win, Karl Alzner could have been called for a delay-of-game penalty, which would have given the Rangers a power play, but he was not.    Roger
Clemens' former personal trainer arrived at the U.S. Attorney's Office Friday for a day-long meeting with prosecutors about his former client's alleged drug use. Tinyparticles of matter called quantum dots, which emit light with exceptionally pure and bright colors, have found a prominent role as biological markers. In addition, they are realizing their potential in computer and television screens, and havepromise

in solid-state lighting. New research at MIT could now make these quantum dots even more efficientat delivering precisely tuned colors oflight.These materials, called colloidal semiconductor quantum dot nanocrystals, can emit any color of light, depending on their

exact size or composition.
But there is some variability in the spread of colors that different batches of nanocrystalsproduce, and until now therehas been no way to tell whether that variability came from within individual particles or from variations among the nanocrystals in a batch. That’sthe puzzle an MIT team has now solved, using a new observational method. Theresults appear in the journal Nature Chemistry in a paper by chemistry professor Moungi Bawendi, graduate student Jian Cui, and six others.For
many applications — such as flat-panel displays — it’s important to make particles that emit a specific, pure color of light. So, it’s important to know whether a given process produces nanocrystals with an intrinsically narrow or broad spectrum of color emission.“You need to understand how the spectrum of a single particle relates to the spectrum of the whole ensemble,” Cui says.
But existing observational methods that detect an

entire ensemble produce data that “is blurring the information,” and methods that attempt to extract data fromsingle particles have limitations.Observing billions at onceThe new method, developed in Bawendi’s lab, is

a radical departure from conventional means of observing light emissions from single emitters. Normally, this is done by isolating individualemitters,stabilizing them on a substrate, and observingthem one at a time.
But this approach has two drawbacks, Bawendi explains: “You only get small numbers, because you’re looking at one at a time, and there’s a selection bias, because you usually look at the bright ones.”The
new method — called google sniperspectroscopyin solution — makes it possible to extract single-particle spectral properties from a large group of particles. While it doesn’t tell you the spectral peak width of a specific particle, it does give you the average single-particle spectral widthfrom billions of

particles, revealing whether the individual particles produce pure colors or not.In addition, Bawendi explains, the particles “are not isolated on a surface, but [are] in their natural environment, in a solution.”
With the traditional methods, “There’s always a question: How much does the surface affectthe results?”The methodworks by comparing pairs of photons emitted by individual particles.
That doesn’t tell you the absolute color of any particular particle, but it does give a representative statistical measure of the whole collection of particles. It does this by illuminating the sample solution with a laser beamand detecting the emitted light at extremely short time scales.
So while different particles are not differentiated in space, they can be differentiated in time, as they drift in and out of the narrow

laser beam and are turned on by the beam.“We get the average single-particle line width in the solution, without any selection bias,” Cui says. By applying this method to the production of quantum dot nanocrystals, the MIT team can determine how well different methods of synthesizing the particles work.Fine-tuning the process“It wasan open question whether the single-dot line widths were variable or not,” Cui says. Now, he and his colleagues can determine this for each variation in the fabrication process, and start to fine-tune the process to produce the most useful output for different applications.In addition to computer displays, such particles have applications in biomedical research, where they are used as staining agents for different biochemicals. The

more precise the colors of the particles are, the greater the number of differentcolored particles that can be used at once in a sample, each targeted to a different kind of biomolecule.Using
this method, the researchers were able to show that a widely used material for quantum dots, cadmium selenide, does indeed produce very pure colors.
But, they found that other materials that could replace cadmium selenide or produce different colors, such as indium phosphide, can also have intrinsically very pure colors. Previously, this wasan open question. Todd Krauss, a professor of chemistry at the University of Rochester who was

not involved in this research, says the MIT team’s “approach is very clever and builds on what this group has done previously.” Measuring the line widths of individual particles is important, he says,fat burning furnace applications such as television displays and biological markers.
He adds, “We should be able to make much better strides now that this techniqueis published, because of the ability to get single-particle line widths on many particles at once.”The work was supportedby the U.S. Department of Energyand by the National Institutes of Health.
The U.S. Women's Open is coming back to California for the first time in more than 30 years.     The worker who surreptitiously taped Mitt Romney’s remarks about the “47 percent” is giving his account of making the video. The House agreed yesterday to give the government broader powers to review foreign investments in U.S.
power plants,

ports and other facilities that could be vulnerable to

terrorist attacks. Wish I Was Here, followup to Braff's 2004 indie drama Garden State, is latest hit on crowdfunding siteZach Braff has raised more than $1m via the crowdfunding site Kickstarter towards anew film, which will be hisfollowup to hit 2004 indie drama Garden State.In the latest sign of the burgeoning significance of the crowdfunding model to film funding, the former star of TV comedy Scrubs has raised, at the time of writing, $1.366m (£885,000) towards his goal of $2m in the space of just 24 hours. Clearly inspired bythe success of the recent Kickstarter campaign for a Veronica Mars movie based on the cancelled US detective TV show, Braff says he made the move in an effort to maintain creative control over the project. Titled Wish I Was Here, the film is written by Braff and his brotherAdam. Braff will direct and playthe lead role of a father, actorand husband struggling to find his identity."I
was about to sign a typical financing deal in order to get the money to make Wish I Was Here, my follow up to Garden State," writes the actor on his Kickstarter page.
"It would have involved making a lot of sacrifices I think would have ultimately hurt the film. I've been a backer for several projects on Kickstarter andthought the concept wasfascinating and revolutionary for artists and innovators of all kinds.
But I didn't imagine it could work on larger-scale projects. I was wrong."After I saw theincredible way Veronica Mars fans rallied around

Kristen Bell and her show's creator,

Rob Thomas, I couldn't help but think (like I'm sure so many other independent film-makers did) maybe there is a new way to finance smaller, personal films that didn't involve signing away all your artistic control."Financing
an independent film the fat loss factor resultsoften means having to give away your right to 'the final cut', casting choices, location choicesand cutting down your script to make it shoot-able on the cheapest budget possible.
What if there is a different way?"The Veronica Mars Kickstarter, which was controversially backed by studio Warner Bros, eventually secured a staggering $5.702m
(£3.70m). With 29 days still to run, Wish I Was Here's campaign appears to be well on the way to a similarly impressive total.The film will be only Braff's second theatrically released feature as a director, though the film school graduate also debuted self-penned play All New People off Broadway in 2011.Kickstarter
is increasingly used by film-makers to source funding for movies.
In September, the Charlie Kaufman-scripted stop-motion film Anomalisa raised a then-record $406,237 (£250,600) via the crowdfunding site.
Earlier this month the director of Repo Man, Alex Cox, secured $114,957 (£74,619) to make low-budget science-fiction film Bill the Galactic Hero.Zach BraffFilm industryKickstarterCrowdsourcingInternetUnited StatesBen © 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies.
All rights reserved.

| Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds Lawsuit filed in LA superior court says Nobu autograph hunter was victim of a 'brutal and unjustifiedphysical attack'The former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen is being sued over a fight last month at a Southern California restaurant that left an autograph-seeker hospitalized witha head injury.The $4m lawsuit, filed on Thursday in Los Angeles superior court, says the 49-year-old plaintiff, Camran Shafighi, simply asked Pippen for a photograph for his girlfriend's 12-year-old son.
Instead, the suit says, Shafighi was subjected to a "brutal and unjustified physical attack" that included spit in the face, ashove and a punch that sent Shafighi tothe ground."At
no time did or could Mr Shafighi physically provoke or fight

back, as he was knocked unconscious with the first blow," the lawsuit says.Sheriff's
officials, who were still investigating the incident, said Pippen voluntarily came into a stationto

be questioned and was cooperative. He was not arrested and no charges have been filed. Investigators at the time said Pippen had been dining on 23 June with his family at Nobu, a restaurant on the beach in Malibu frequented bycelebrities. Shafighi was taking pictures of Pippen inside the restaurant then outsidein the parking lot, investigators said.A sheriff's spokesman,Steve Whitmore, said several witnesses described Shafighi as intoxicated.
An argument ensued that led to violence, investigators

said. Shafighi was taken to a

hospital with a head injury, treated and released.A phone google sniper after business hours for Pippen's attorney Mark Geragos was not immediately returned.Pippen, 47, won six NBA titles with MichaelJordan and the Bulls and in 1996 was named one of the NBA's 50 greatest players. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010. He now serves as special adviser to the Bulls' president and chief operating officer.NBAChicagoBullsCaliforniaUnited StatesBasketballUS
© 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved.| Use of this contentis subject toour Terms& Conditions | More Feeds     Patrick Healy moderated a conversation with twomembers of the creative team behind the new Broadway musical “Kinky Boots.” Dell has pulled together products it gained from recent acquisitions into a series of BYOD (bring your own device) offerings, though it faces the challenge of selling them at atime when the company's ownership hangs in the balance.
The offerings are aimed at the hot BYOD market, where vendors are pitching software and services to help manage the influx of personal smartphones and tablets that employees are bringing into corporate networks. Katy Perry and John

Mayer have called it quits for the second time sources tell Us Weekly The pop st[...] Sales have rebounded since 2008,

though prices in this part of southern England are still around 15 percent below precrash levels.     After 13 years, and no appearance in the N.C.A.A. tournament, Northwestern begins a search for a new coach after the firing of Bill Carmody. The producers of “I’ll Eat You Last” and “Macbeth,” both of which were blanked in the Tony nomination derby, have decided not to offerfree tickets to Tony voters.    
Testing the new $400 juicer from Hurom. Expectations for Apple to release an iWatch reached a new pitch yesterday as Bloomberg reported that such adevice Advances in flat-screen technology have made older monitors and televisions obsolete, decimating demand for tube glass used in them and creating vast stockpiles of useless material. How to explain an extramarital windfall; the ‘boyfriend’ salary penalty; and germophobic travel etiquette.    
About 2,000 monkeys at the troubled New England Primate Research Center in Southborough, Mass.,

will be relocated to other laboratories.     Their conclusions were backed up by researchers at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
Stefanie StantchevaPhoto: Allegra Boverman The new investors in Coursera, which offers online courses, include the investment arm of the World Bank.     U.S. stocks rose last week, erasing the Dow Jones industrial average's year-to-date loss after oil'sclimb above $72 a barrel drove a group of energy stocks to a seven-month

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