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Laith Muhammad

Location: Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq

About Me

 I work at National Olympic Committee of Iraq and at Iraqi Olympic Academy as a Parapsychological Expert, in sport department, psychological laboratory. My job is use psi abilities in sport. The experiment has been applied with many games such as handball, basketball, volleyball, fencing and other games, from through the application of psychoanalytic and counseling through using precognition of these variables ( the degree of concentration, energy, tension, anxiety and willingness in the game). Many competitions have been analyzed from 2005 to present, I am analyzed many athletes by using precognition abilities before and after the match for the purpose of solve player's problems by diagnosing the weakness.

When mind games turn ugly - Gaelic Football, Sport -

AT some stage this week, a GAA county panel, their manager and selectors will listen attentively to a voice which sounds persuasive and authoritative.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

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Hello, Congratulations, I wish for all good luck. Best Regards, Laith Muhammad
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