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Joseph Bowes

Location: Nathrop, CO, United States of America

About Me

My primary interest has been in following the events playing out in the life of a poltergeist agent.  The individual gained national attention in the U.S. twenty years ago.  I have been interviewing him for over fifteen years.  Though the classic poltergeist phenomena resolved after several years, there has been a continuous evolution of paranormal events and talents presenting themselves into his daily life. 

The vast majority of poltergeist agents have been abandoned when the initial "active" phase of the investigations were complete and the evidence was tabulated.  These agents have had no resolution to the conflicts that presumably induced the effects, and these repressed aggressions apparently continue to play themselves out expressed as other psi abilities.

I am extremely interested in a dialogue with researchers who have followed poltergeist agents over an extended period of time.

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