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Is channeling real?

Channeling is the claim that a departed spirit, or other non-physical entity, can speak or act through a sensitive person. In the late 1800s, this was called mediumship; similar claims of communicating with departed spirits can be found throughout ... More

Are large-scale effects, like levitation or spoon-bending real?

Throughout history there have been many reports of spectacular events, such as individuals levitating, holy people materializing objects out of thin air, and people who are able to move, bend or break objects without touching them. Unfortunately, in most ... More

Where can I get a degree in parapsychology?

Many students and adults would like to study human consciousness, parapsychology, transpersonal psychology, or some combination of these fields. While these topics are of great interest, the number of courses and degrees available in these topics are - ... More

For more information on institutions offering advanced degrees, coursework, or credit in parapsychology:

Rhine Research Center , the successor of J. B. Rhine's parapsychology lab at Duke University, offers an excellent summer training program that provides a solid introduction to parapsychology. You can call them at (919) 688-8241 or visit their website ... More

Where are some of the active psi research facilities?

C.I.R.P. - Centro Interdisciplinare Ricerca Parapsicologica E-mail - Cognitive Sciences Laboratory Voice - (323) 549 5025 Fax - (408) 904 6195 E-mail - Institut Metapsychique International 51, rue de ... More

Who were the main contributors to this FAQ?

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