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Message from the (outgoing) President

Welcome to the renovated Parapsychological Association website. As you are no doubt aware, the new site is now fully functional and has a number of more modern features than the last one, making it truly interactive. Surfing around, you will see that it is possible to maintain and upload material to your own biographical profile, so I urge all members, students, and ... Read More


A lot is going on in my world at the moment. Mind-Matter Interaction: Historical Reports, Research and Theory (my newest book) should become available in Kindle format at the end of this month, with Handbook to the Afterlife being released in early July as virtually every ebook format except for iPad. I may have to buy a Kindle just so I can create notes about my books to ... Read More

My Recent Articles about Historical Topics in Non-Psi Journals

I agree with David Luke's comments about the importance of publishing in non-parapsychological journals, as stated in the last issue of Mindfield. I write for both parapsychology and non-parapsychological journals. While I would not like parapsychology journals to disappear--they fulfill important functions as all specialty journals do--I believe publishing in the ... Read More

Psychic Experiences, Absorption, and Dreams

Here is an abstract of a paper I published with Nancy L. Zingrone in the Puerto Rican psychology journal Ciencias de la Conducta (Sciences of Behavior). Alvarado, C.S., & Zingrone, N.L. (2010). Variables relacionadas con experiencias parapsicológicas: La absorción y los sueños [Variables related to parapsychological experiences: Absorption and dreams]. Ciencias de la ... Read More

Mind-Matter Book Now Available

I just got my copies of Mind-Matter Interaction: Historical Reports, Research & Theory in the mail today. It's always exciting to hold a new book in your hand! Those who are owed copies should soon have them. A big thank you to everyone who has patiently waited. Read More

March Talk

I will be speaking at the International Foundation for Survival Research ( ) in Orange County, CA, sponsored by the Life After Life Club of Laguna Woods Village . Check for more details as they become available. The talk begins at 9:30 am. Read More

Mind-matter book back from the printer

I've heard from McFarland that at long last the book has returned from the printer. It's being checked over and, if all is good, it should soon be on the market and in the mail to those who pre-ordered their copies. Whew! It's been a three-year ordeal to get this book done. McFarland got the manuscript in October 2009 (so my apologies to anyone who didn't have their work ... Read More

Things to do in Curitiba...

I will start updating this soon. Anything to add please join in. David Read More
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