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Materials of Historical Interest in the Journal of Scientific Exploration: An Update

Carlos S. Alvarado, Ph.D. Atlantic University In my article “The History of Psychical Research in the Journal of Scientific Exploration,” published online in the  Psypioneer Journal  ( ), I mentioned articles that have been published in the “Historical Perspective” section of the Journal of Scientific ... Read More

Parapsychological Association: Some Reflections

I am very happy to be the newly elected President of the PA, and hope that I will be able to make a difference in this role. I joined the PA in 1987. I have been especially concerned to find ways to make the PA appear more attractive (and relevant) to younger parapsychologists and to those who consider themselves outsiders, but have an interest in parapsychology. My ... Read More

Institute of Paranormal Psychology

Institute of Paranormal Psychology (IPP) Argentina has experienced productive parapsychological activity, for short periods of time between 1940 and the beginnings of the 1990s, at the hands of such researchers as Jose Fernandez, J. Ricardo Musso, Orlando Canavesio, Naum Kreiman and Enrique Novillo Pauli. Although Argentinean psychology is diverse in clinical matters, ... Read More

Atlantic University's Blog and the fate of our proposed MA in Parapsychology program ... sigh ...

The Atlantic University Blog and the upcoming Parapsychology and Consciousness Conference ... So today the first thing I'm doing is letting everybody know that Atlantic University has set up a blog. My first really substantial blog entry is, of course, on our upcoming Parapsychology and Consciousness conference, to be held from October 14th through October 16th this ... Read More

Curitiba Travel Video

Here's a short travel video about Curitiba, Brazil for those who might be joining us at our 54th Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association .  Much thanks to our Arrangements Chair, Fabio Eduardo da Silva for providing the link. Read More

Digital Libraries with Holdings of the Old Literature--III

Carlos S. Alvarado, Ph.D. Atlantic University Questia ( ) This site requires subscription. Questia has holdings about almost every field of interest. These are only a few examples of books with information about parapsychology. Books Carington, W. (1949). Mind, Matter and Meaning . New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. Doyle, A.C. (1918). ... Read More

Altered States of Consciousness Reference Book

Carlos S. Alvarado, Ph.D. Atlantic University Many of us in psychology and parapsychology became interested in altered states of consciousness (ASC) through books such as Charles T. Tart’s anthology  Altered States of Consciousness (1969). Later works—among them Kelly and Locke’s  Altered States of Consciousness and Psi  (1981, recently released with a new ... Read More

Bibliographies for the Study of the History of Psychical Research

Carlos S. Alvarado, Ph.D. Atlantic University In recent years I have published several lists and bibliographical essays that I hope will help those interested in the study of the history of psychical research find books and articles on the subject. A general one, and a good place to start, is "Learning About the History of Parapsychology." Public ... Read More

New Reviews of Old Books About Psychic Phenomena in the Journal of Scientific Exploration

Carlos S. Alvarado, Ph.D. Atlantic University As I mentioned in my article "The History of Psychical Research in the Journal of Scientific Exploration " ( Psypioneer Journal , 2010,  6 , 335-338; Online: ), several reviews of old books have been published in the JSE . The last issue of the journal (2011, ... Read More

Wanted: Research Participants

Are you interested in receiving a psychic reading as a volunteer in a scientific research study? The Windbridge Institute is currently seeking volunteers to act as psychic research reading recipients (PRRRs or "P triple Rs") who will receive and score psychic readings about themselves. PRRRs must: be 18 years or older, reside in the US, and have NOT experienced ... Read More

Digital Libraries with Holdings of the Old Literature--II.

Carlos S. Alvarado, Ph.D. Atlantic University Here is another digital library with holdings about the old psychic phenomena literature. The references listed below are some examples, I encourage you to search for more in the site. The Library of the Virtual Laboratory ( ) The Virtual Laboratory is part of the Max Planck Institute for ... Read More

Out-of-Body Experiences in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

Carlos S. Alvarado, Ph.D. Atlantic University ( ) Over the years several authors have published reports and discussions of out-of-body experiences in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease (e.g., Alvarado, Blackmore, Ehrenwald, Irwin). The most recent contribution on the topic is a paper I coauthored with Nancy L. Zingrone and ... Read More

Digital Libraries with Holdings of the Old Literature--I.

Carlos S. Alvarado, Ph.D. Atlantic University Many digital  libraries have holdings related to the old mesmeric, spiritualistic and psychical research literatures. This is the first of a series of lists and comments about some of these resources. The holdings that appear below are a few examples of the many books and articles available in each virtual library.  ... Read More

Atlantic University's upcoming October conference, "Parapsychology and Consciousness"

Atlantic University is a small online graduate school in Virginia Beach, Virigina offering a Masters of Arts in Transpersonal Studies. Last year (a year and 13 days ago), Carlos S. Alvarado and I were hired by AU and started an entirely new phase of our lives. We've been working on a number of things this year, but one of the most important is the inauguration of a new ... Read More

Message from the (outgoing) President

Welcome to the renovated Parapsychological Association website. As you are no doubt aware, the new site is now fully functional and has a number of more modern features than the last one, making it truly interactive. Surfing around, you will see that it is possible to maintain and upload material to your own biographical profile, so I urge all members, students, and ... Read More
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